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    • CommentAuthorphil
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2007
    As many will have gathered, we, or at least I, have hit a fairly hard wall with LDE(X). I had planned to ship the 4th update to LDE(X)6.4 some time ago, but the major reason to actually ship this update has not been able to be addressed : profile creation.

    This breakage requires a patch to the LiteStep system. Conceptually, this is not likely to be difficult, but I am unable to pull the latest code from and I also have no indication as to the most acceptable way to implement the patch within the LiteStep system. Faced with little assistance from the forums and no response to my email, I'm not willing to waste what little free time I have in diving through their code to figure it out. So....profile creation remains broken. I cannot justify more time and effort on this than has already been spent.

    Additionally, many Windows folks are apparently planning to run Vista in either 32 bit or 64 bit modes. Neither of these will be something that I can or will deal with. I migrated to a MacBook Pro in November last year, with an XP virtual machine for those few remaining legacy apps, and have no intention of running a 64 bit Windows system at any time in the forseeable future. It seems that a 64 bit version of LiteStep is unlikely to be created in any case, and that none of the modules that we use in LDE(X) will be available for such a system should it appear. In such a situation, the effort to deliver a comparable 64 bit version of LDE(X) would be unprecedented and the resources available within the community just don't make it at all likely in any reasonable time frame.

    What this actually means is that, to all intents and purposes, I am shoving LDE(X) firmly on to the backburner. Given the lack of activity, bug reports and life in these boards, I'm expecting that any who are running LDE(X) are happy enough with its current state. Thus my decision to effectively retire from working on the code will not have any impact. I've been semi-retired for much of the LDE(X)6.4 series in any case, only working on it when I really felt like it.

    This day has been coming closer since LDE(X)6.2 shipped. I wish you all the very best and hope that LDE(X) continues to serve you well for as long as you find yourselves using it. I owe a great debt to all those who contributed over the years, not least our very own WSH genius Scott Kearn (Amtal) who has given us all a home on the web for all these years along with, I think, the best underpinnings for LDE(X) that we could have possibly hoped for.

    My last duties will be to check that the repository is up to date and that the release files are all available on I'll do all of that at the weekend.

    Thanks again. It's been an honour and a pleasure to work with you all on this project.

    Phil Stopford.

    former codemonkey
    Have you made any recent attempts to get some attention from jugg, or anyone else at, regarding the profile creation bug?

    Is that the only thing keeping 6.4.4 from coming out?

    • CommentAuthorphil
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2007
    The issue with the EVar handling is not trivial. There is a disconnect in the LiteStep system, basically meaning that we have no dynamic ability to query EVars in scripts. What LiteStep provides is a load-time conditional engine :

    If MYVAR

    This works nicely, but what we need for profile creation is :

    !If ... Else .... EndIf

    We *can* do this and do do this with mzScript (because LS itself provides no ability to do this), but if MYVAR doesn't exist, we end up spewing endless errors (because all evaluation goes through LS and we cannot prevent LS from regarding this as a serious error).

    What we need is some form of !If_safetofail

    I had hoped to either patch this into LS itself or to mzScript, but the LS dev team has either not responded to mail about this, or has misinterpreted my needs by referring me to the load-time evaluated :

    If (defined)


    So... I remain stuck. There is no documentation to mzScript's code (I didn't write it, I only poked it around a little) and very little documentation for LS. The time investment required in light of this is something I cannot justify making.

    To answer your question, though, 6.4.4 is waiting on a way to have safe-to-fail !if support. It won't contain any other changes. I don't have the remotest idea of when it might be able to be completed.
    • CommentAuthorphil
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2007
    Might have some ideas - no promises, but stay tuned.